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Lesson Presentation


Introduce the benefits of drinking water with this collection of activities and discussion prompts.

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Water and You

Guiding Question

Why is drinking water so important?



    Students will analyze text to identify the importance of drinking water.




    Students will create classroom reminders to advocate the habit of drinking water for good health.




    Students will prepare an “Ask an Expert” interview session to communicate their knowledge of the importance of drinking water.


Lesson Objectives

  • Recognize that water is essential
  • Describe how the body uses water
  • Recognize the signs that the body needs fluid
  • Describe ways to get water

Benefits of Teaching this Lesson

As children approach second and third grade, they can begin to understand why drinking water is important for good health. This lesson will help students understand the essential role that water plays for the body and how they can recognize the signs that their bodies need fluid. The process of understanding how to meet daily water needs will help students develop the good habit of drinking water for good health.

Student Handout

Water and You Vocabulary

Project “Water and You Vocabulary” for a whole-class speaking, listening, and viewing activity. Then distribute it to pairs of students for collaborative practice. One partner should choose a vocabulary word and read it aloud. The other should define the word or make up a sentence that uses the word. Have partners take turns until they have gone through all the words.

Common Core English Language Arts Standards

L.2.6, L.3.6


  • BREATHE - to take air in and out of your body You lose a little water when you breathe out.
  • DEHYDRATED - when a person or thing loses too much water If you do not drink enough water you can be dehydrated.
  • HYDRATED - when a person or thing has all the liquid it needs Drink a glass of water to stay hydrated.
  • LIQUID - something that flows and is not solid Water is a liquid that you need to drink.
  • TEMPERATURE - how hot or cold something is Your body temperature should not be too hot or too cold.
  • THIRSTY - the feeling when you need to drink something Drink water when you are thirsty.

Place these words and definitions on the class “word wall,” on an easel or chart, or use some other visual cue.

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